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Consulting Services

The indispensable interface

At Pro-Data GROUP, we have set up a Consulting Services department in order to meet our clients’ needs and requirements.
Our audit and consulting services cover the following areas…


Governance encompasses all measures, rules, decision-making, information and supervisory bodies that ensure the correct operation and control of an institution or organisation, whether public or private, regional, national or international.

We can develop all types of master plans for our clients enabling them to take a step back from the project and be freed from everyday constraints. This:

  • facilitates the work of the buyer and the competitive selection of service providers,
  • allows a clear assessment of the result obtained,
  • prevents any potential dispute as to the expected outcome and therefore saves wasting time and money, which could cause a misunderstanding with a supplier.

Business Analysis

We offer our clients Project Management Support with information system urbanisation. The Pro-Data GROUP Business Analyst teams seek to improve consistency between business needs and the information system.

Company analysis includes all the tasks and techniques used to:

  • ensure that all the parties involved in an organisation liaise with each other,
  • understand the organisation’s structure, policies and operation,
  • then recommend solutions that enable the organisation to achieve its objectives by translating the company’s needs into functional and technical needs.

Drafting of calls for tenders and support

Pro-Data GROUP’s engineers can come to your offices to draft a complete tender document for public and/or private contracts.

We can:

  • identify companies likely to meet your expectations (provisions or services),
  • draft documents relating to the call for tenders (specifications, formal requirements and terms of participation, required appendices, etc.),
  • define the selection criteria and methods,
  • analyse and assess the tenders provided, draw up a short-list,
  • meet and interview the selected applicants,
  • help with the final choice.

We base this work on reputed project management methods such as HERMES or AGILE.

Information Systems Urbanisation

The business process approach is a management method that enables companies to manage their performance. According to the ISO 9001 standard, a process is a set of activities that transforms inputs into outputs whose added value is measurable. Process modelling formalises the specific operation of an organisation using a unified modelling language that is easily understandable to all business users (BPMN 2.0. standard).

Our expert teams offer our clients a catalogue of well-designed, adaptable and customizable processes. For example:

  • opening and closing a bank account,
  • pricing exception,
  • customer risk profiles,
  • MiFid 2 directives,
  • arrival and departure of an employee or request for leave.

Change Management

Change Management is a process undertaken in a company as part of a reform of its organisation.

The aim of Change Management is to plan, organise and implement changes in a coordinated and targeted way in the following three areas:

  • organisation and people
  • processes
  • information technologies

Pro-Data GROUP can help users to adapt to new methods, new processes or new applications to ensure:

  • successful and harmonious business transformation at an acceptable cost,
  • a return on investment in line with the company’s targets.